An unforgettable food tour of Chania in Crete

With tours of vineyards and olive presses and a cookery lesson using delicious local products, a food tour of Chania reveals why Crete is the birthplace of the Mediterranean diet.

An unforgettable food tour of Chania

You’ll have heard about the food and wine of Crete. Rich in everything healthy and wholesome, it’s widely considered the original Mediterranean diet and the very essence of its famously spirited people. So dedicating a day to a food tour of Chania is just as rewarding as discovering the region’s famous beaches, culture, and mountains and gorges.

The way the olive groves blanket the landscape with green and silver leaves, the gently rolling vineyards and aromatic wines they produce, the golden drizzle of olive oil over blush-red tomatoes and the scent of mountain thyme and oregano… everything you experience in the countryside of Chania is part of its intangible cultural heritage.

Just as every culinary experience in Crete is a window into the island’s soul… whether it’s a cookery lesson (where the key ingredients are the smile and stories of your teacher), wine-tasting and a vineyard tour, or a visit to a traditional olive oil press. Every village in Chania will have its cheese producers and apiaries and you’ll adore being introduced to a bewildering variety of greens, pulses and fresh vegetables that accompany so many dishes – tsigariasto, boureki, kalitsounia, pilafi, dakos – as well as all sorts of delicious dairy products and grilled meat. So whatever you do on your holiday in Chania, don’t forget to bring your appetite.